Welcome! This site is devoted to AmpliCot -- a new method we have invented. AmpliCot provides a way to measure the sequence diversity of PCR products without requiring any sequencing. AmpliCot is based on the principle of Cot analysis, also known as DNA hybridization kinetics, first developed by Britten and colleagues. We've taken this method, automated it, and solved many of the problems inherent in applying it to PCR products.

We developed this method in order to undertake quantitative studies of immune repertoire diversity, which we think will be important for understanding many different issues, including congenital and acquired immunodeficiencies (such as AIDS), bone marrow and solid organ transplants, and aging of the immune system. We hope that scientists in other fields (such as microbial ecology and nucleic acid library based research) will also find this method useful, and we encourage you to contact us.

Warmest regards,
Paul Baum and Mike McCune